Jun 15, 2011

A letter from Michigan.

The state of Michigan sent me a letter the other day:

"I hope that in the next two years you find joy in everything that you take part in. Don’t be discouraged if you feel like the problems of an entire country are greater than what you can give. Just give. Love the people who show you no kindness. That will be the reward.

Take pictures when you need to; when there isn’t a doubt in your mind that somebody else needs to see what you’re seeing.

Take video when something is happening that you never want to forget.

Try not to go into this with expectations of inspiration or enlightenment. Just go in with an open heart and I’m sure you’ll walk away inspired.

I’m very excited for you. But you’ll be missed. Undoubtedly. I’ll wait patiently. When you’re ready to come back, I’ll be ready with open arms.